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Ohio Spartan Beast 2017

My second year running Ohio and it never is boring! This 2017 coarse was a little shorter then last year, but it was just as challenging. They used MOST of the same trail as last year, except they didn’t go as far north as I had remembered, not that I complained. IMG_0794

This is the second year in a row where they clustered obstacles at the very end. By the time I came to the end I was exhausted, yet pushed through. Since I started running Spartan in August 2015 they always had the Slip Wall at very end before the Fire Jump,  they put a small twist on this years finish and stuck their new obstacle Olympus right before.


It’s a wall with three different types of hand holds and your feet can not touch the ground (for elite and competitive waves). I suggest NOT to put your knees on the wall as you work your way across, you will end up burning them. Keeping your feet on the wall work the best, due to the grip from the rubber, granted the wall isn’t wet or mud covered.

Over all I ended up finishing at a better time then the previous year, and met some great people on the coarse.


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